construction machinery
Product series
Serialized 5 inch
Serialized 10.1 inch
Serialized 6.5 inch
Serialized 7 inch
Serialized 8.4 inch
Serialized 9 inch
34 pin controller
60 pin controller
80 pin controller
121 pin controller
154 pin controller
Display control system
Revo 4 inch mini excavator
Liugong 908E series small dig
Ishikawa Island 5.7 inch small dig
Dragon 5 inch color small dig
Boyuan 7 inch corn harvester
Zoomlion 7 inch silage machine
Giant 7 inch harvester
Luoyang harvest 7 inch harvester
Combination instrument
VOLVO Loader
31 loader
XCMG loader
Revo loader
Chang Linzhu loader
Chang Linzhu grader
Liugong roller
Horse roller
Shantui bulldozer
Zoomlion / Liugong bulldozer
Universal tractor instrument
Regular tractor
Gabriel tractor
Zoomlion tractor
World tractor
Key panel
4*4 panel
Electric control handle
Wire harness
Wire harness
Throttle knob
Industry application
Ability guarantee
Cooperative partner
Service and support
  • Continuous working voltage: 12 ~ 36VDC
    Operating temperature: -34 C ~ +82 C
    Atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106Kpa
    Relative temperature: (30 ~ 90)%RH
    The antistatic sealing material: imported connectors; protection IP67

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